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Jorge Iriaquez, the Founder and CEO of Iriaquez Ironworks, is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of expertise in the steel industry. Throughout his career, Jorge has specialized in a diverse range of metalwork.

Starting as a welder, Jorge quickly advanced his skills and leadership abilities, ultimately assuming the role of running crews as a subcontractor along the East Coast.

In 2014, Jorge's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own company, JMI Steel, where he demonstrated his exceptional capabilities in managing and executing steel projects with utmost precision.

In 2016, he embarked on a new venture as a founding partner of Iriaquez Ironworks. Taking on the responsibilities of President and CEO, Jorge plays a vital role in overseeing all aspects of installation and various facets of the fabrication process within the company.

Since that time, Iriaquez Ironworks has quickly grown from a fabrication shop into an ironworks company providing design, engineering, and installation needs.

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Our journey has been one of constant growth and evolution. In just the past two years, we’ve tripled the size of our company. We have expanded our work capacity from five projects simultaneously, to over 25 projects reaching beyond Central Texas into multiple states across the nation. 

Iriaquez Ironworks is a dual-sided company consisting of fabrication and installation operations. We can be the turnkey company you are looking for to complete all your steel projects, as well as, stainless, aluminum, and glass railing needs.

Iriaquez Ironworks employs D 1.1 & D 1.3 certified welders.

Press Mentions

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At Iriaquez Ironworks, we believe in making a positive impact beyond our steel projects. Our commitment to social responsibility led us to launch initiatives to make a positive transformation in the world.

What do we do at Asociación Amigos de la Sabana? 

We promote help to children and parents of low economic resources in the community of La Aldea La Sabana and surrounding areas in relation to the improvement of spaces and infrastructure of classrooms, green areas, bathrooms, etc, as well as furniture and equipment such as desks, tables, cabinets, fans, computers, educational materials, etc, also promote economic assistance in relation to providing food to children who are malnourished or poorly fed, and where possible contribute to improving the quality of life of the residents of this community in the municipality of San Manuel and surroundings.

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